Basic Facilitation Skills

Workshop Aim

This three-day workshop is an intensive, professional learning event, designed to provide managers with the skills, processes, tools and techniques needed to facilitate complex group sessions.  The focus of the Facilitation Skills workshop is on developing those skills that will enable managers to facilitate groups through processes such as problem solving, brainstorming, needs analysis sessions and decision-making.

Competency Outputs 

The Facilitation Skills workshop is an intense and practical workshop aimed at getting these results: 
  • Understanding and diagnosing the need for using a facilitation style 
  • Using facilitation skills effectively 
  • Facilitating processes 
  • Understanding and facilitating group dynamics 
  • Facilitating progress


The Role of the Facilitator 
  • From Presenter to Facilitator 
  • The Facilitator’s Focus
Facilitation Skills 
  • The Clear Principles

Process Facilitation
Managing Group Dynamics 

  • Stages of Group Development 
  • Group Roles 
Facilitating Progress 
  • Structuring Group Tasks 
  • Managing Time 
  • Monitoring Progress 
  • Facilitating and Feedback 


Whilst all delegates would qualify for a certificate of attendance, we extend this process to certification of competence, based upon the attainment of an 80% rating for a post-course project.  Our approach is to consult with client organizations to identify appropriate transfer projects. 
Target Audience
This workshop is aimed at Senior HR Practitioners and Line Managers. 
Duration: 3 Days
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