Advanced Facilitation Skills for HR Practitioners

The Process Facilitation Workshop introduces delegates to the skills and techniques of facilitation.  This advanced workshop takes those skills and expands on them and gives delegates practice in dealing with more complex situations and groups.  It also helps the facilitator to do some inner work aimed at strengthening their neutrality in the process of facilitation.


The workshop is aimed primarily at HR Practitioners who have to facilitate in situations such as: groups in conflict, groups dealing with change or transformation processes, problem teams, and highly emotive groups.

Competency Outputs

At the end of this workshop you will be able to:
  • Identify and work on resolving personal issues that may negatively affect your facilitation
  • Apply your facilitation skills to handle high levels of conflict
  • Identify group issues and facilitate their resolution
  • Identify and facilitate issues revolving around “isms”
  • Facilitate change / transformation processes


A combination of interactive presentations, group discussions, practical exercises and facilitation skill practices allow the delegate to enhance their skills in using the various facilitation techniques and processes.
Workshop Duration: 3 days
This workshop is usually a follow-up to attendance on the three day Process Facilitation Workshop, and as such, assumes that the core skills of facilitation have already been gained and are now being extended into more complex arenas. 
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