Taking the Initiative

Workshop Aim

Supervisors today need to take the initiative to make a positive impact on the results of their unit. It is no longer enough to follow instructions and do what the job description says. Things are changing so rapidly that supervisors have to constantly make the effort to do things better, to continuously improve their unit's performance. This module orients the supervisor to his/her role in taking the initiative. The module emphasises the importance of proactive action. It ensures that supervisors understand how taking the initiative can enhance their performance and identifies opportunities for action within the scope of the supervisor's function.

Competency Outputs

At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
  • Understand their role in proactively taking the initiative and making a positive impact on the results of their unit
  • Identify and proactively address blocks to his/her initiative in specific situations
  • Conduct a simple force field analysis to identify opportunities for continual improvement and initiative in his/her work place
  • Use techniques for taking proactive action and influencing their workplace

Topics / content covered during the module

  • Initiative - its nature and source
  • The role of the supervisor in taking initiative at their company
  • Identifying opportunities for initiative
  • Barriers and limitations to initiative
  • Techniques for taking the initiative


The methodology used in this module includes self-check, analysis and reflection; interactive presentations; group discussions; and skills practices in the techniques.

Target Audience: Employees who need supervisory training.
Module Duration: 5 - 8 hours, dependent on the level of the group
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