Organisational Performance Consulting


Trideco’s ‘Performance Consulting workshop for HR and L&D’ is an intensive, professional learning event, designed to provide Human Resources and Training people with the technology they need to launch themselves as internal Performance Consultants.

The workshop equips the HR professional to consult internally, make real impact on the organisation, and demonstrate value-add contribution to the survival and growth of the business.

Performance Turns You Global

The key to business success lies in your organisation’s ability to turn vision and goals into bottom-line results and performance excellence. It is imperative that HR practitioners are used as value-add partners to ensure that world class performance standards can be identified and developed in your business.

Our research has shown us that many managers and employees do not understand how to translate their organisation’s vision and goals into on-the-job performance and best practices. HR practitioners, appropriately skilled in consulting can facilitate this understanding. How can they achieve this? Through:
  • Facilitating the clear articulation of business goals and required outputs and demonstrating how they are aligned to overall business strategies;
  • Implementing performance strategies and interventions, including identification of ‘Best Practices’ that will result in the attainment of business goals;
  • Engaging in partnering strategies with clients to maximize the implementation of quality service;
  • Conducting gap analysis between desired and current status, including the identification of the real reasons for these gaps.
Trideco can equip your team with the concept ual tools and skills to address performance gaps and turn vision and goals into bottom line results and performance excellence. We also consult and implement interventions as required to meet our clients’ needs. 

Performance Consulting - Workshop Objectives

The objectives of the workshop are to build capacity in the areas of:
Insight into, and understanding of, the conceptual and business framework of Performance Consulting, including:
  • A generic business success model
  • The consulting role, interdependencies and required interactions
  • A consulting framework and process (we can use yours)
  • The link to organisational development
  • Differentiation of needs – business, performance, learning and work environment
  • Business scanning and research
  • Macro business mapping
  • Analysing your clients and building a profile
  • Utilising principles of consultative communication
  • Building rapport and influence
  • Strategic dialogue and questioning skills

Skills in the various techniques required to effectively function at each phase of the consulting process, including:

  • Conducting the initial project meetings;
  • Planning the scope of the project
  • Building Performance Relationship maps;
  • Contracting with clients for Performance Assessments;
  • Forming data collection strategies to yield credible information;
  • Executing data collection effectively, utilising a range of tools;
  • Analysing data and interpreting results, obtained for the purposes of Performance Assessments;
  • Building Performance Models to determine desired performance;
  • Assessing performance gaps and their causes;
  • Reporting assessment results to clients so they will take appropriate management, HR, training and work environment actions;
  • Contracting for implementation
  • Analysing the impact and success of the intervention

The methodologies used during the workshop facilitate transfer of learning and are diverse and grounded in our commitment to experiential and value-added learning experiences.

Target Audience

Business Consultants
HR and L&D Practitioners
Internal Business Consultants

Workshop Duration

4 - 6 days
Delivery options
2 by 2 days for in house customised workshop
6 days for in depth skills development. This can be run as a 6 day workshop, 3 by 2 days, or 4 days followed by 2 days, depending on your operational requirements.
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