Individual Executive Mentoring

A Process For Executives/Senior Managers/Managers

Many high level managers are dealing with increasingly complex work place situations and environments within which they perceive themselves as losing their individual 'identity'. This "identity crisis" may involve losing touch with their inner vision and goals, it may also mean dealing with personal values and beliefs. Increasingly, managers are turning to Mentors to facilitate their self-exploration processes. Companies are beginning to recognise that personal mastery and insight is an essential part of the growth path sought by managers and key staff as they progress through the organisational ranks.

This Mentoring is often best offered by neutral, yet business oriented, external Mentors who can facilitate a process tailored to suite the needs of the individual. The Mentoring process is always unique to the individual and designed to ensure that their personal journey is maximised.

Depending on the needs of the company and the individual, TRIDECO consultants offer a range of comprehensive Mentoring services that can be offered on a short term, or longer-term basis. Our approach is to customise our involvement and the specific process we use to suit your unique requirements.

Sample range of Executive Mentoring services offered:

  • Facilitation of self-insight via profiling and assessment exercises
  • Life and style audits
  • Identification and prioritisation of development needs and issues
  • Creation of tailored life and personal development plans
  • Career management processes
  • Facilitation of ongoing sessions to progress the individual towards his/her desired state
  • Facilitation of adhoc trouble-shooting/problem-solving sessions

The Mentoring methodology used is diverse depending on the needs of the individual, but draws heavily from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and includes the use of individual assessment tools, processes and techniques as well as Human Performance Consulting.

Duration of interventions: Dependent on the needs of the individual
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