Performance Management

Workshop Aim:

It is essential that managers today are able to manage the performance of their people effectively, keeping their performance consistently up to standard. They need to set clear Key Performance Result Areas and objectives and manage performance against these.

The focus is on the skills needed for managers to practically use and implement the company performance management system. It is a performance driven process, not a paper driven process. Managers explore how to use the performance management system as an effective management tool that helps them to achieve their operational objectives and improve bottom line results.


Competency Outputs:

At the end of this module, managers will be able to:

  • Relate performance management to their overall business context and strategise to overcome any potential pitfalls;
  • Identify and set Key Result Areas and objectives;
  • Track performance against objectives;
  • Provide feedback for development and improvement;
  • Coach for improved results;
  • Conduct progress reviews;
  • Conduct a final review session

Topics / content covered during the module:

  • What is performance management?
  • What can go wrong and strategies to overcome pitfalls;
  • Linking individual performance to business plans;
  • A process for identifying and setting KRAs and objectives;
  • Discussing expectations with the staff member to gain agreement and commitment;
  • Tracking results and behaviours;
  • Preparing for and giving effective feedback;
  • Reactive and proactive coaching skills in standard and difficult situations;
  • Conducting effective reviews.


The methodology used in this module includes interactive presentations; group discussions; individual real-time exercises, skills practices and application exercises.

Customisation Requirements:

Little customisation is required for this workshop.

Target Audience:

Junior to senior managers, with little skills-based performance management training.


3 - 4 days, dependent on the level of the group and the number of modules chosen. The workshop may be split up into modules and run over time if wished.

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