Organising Your Team

Workshop Aim

This module focuses on developing the manager's basic skills in relation to organising people at work, so as to enhance their effectiveness. The aspects explored include motivation and delegation. The module emphasises how people are at the heart of effective organisations and develops the managers' skills in optimising their potential and drawing on all of their talents.

Competency Outputs

  • Understand and apply basic motivational theories to the individuals in their team
  • Identify the key elements to consider when delegating
  • Identify the barriers to delegation within their business unit
  • Apply an effective delegation process to the individuals in their team

Topics / content covered during the module

The link between organising and the performance management system
  • Barriers to delegation
  • Motivating people to achieve
  • "Who's got the Monkey?"
  • Motivational theories - including Maslow and Herzberg
  • Delegation risks and how to minimise them
  • The concept and principles of delegation
  • How to delegate effectively


The methodology used in this module includes interactive presentations; group discussions; team analysis exercises; case analysis; skills practices.
Target Audience:  People who need leadership training
Module Duration: 1 day, dependent on the level of the group
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