Organising at Work

Workshop Aim

Enables the manager to initiate and sustain an effective system and process of organisation in their work place. It starts with self-organisation and then moves into the organisational structure of their workplace. The focus of the module is on getting the most out of yourself and your workplace. This module focuses on enabling the manager to approach organisation from an effectiveness and not just an efficiency point of view. It also takes account of the people factor in the process.

Competency Outputs

  • Identify their personal organisation tendencies and pinpoint areas for development
  • Develop an "importance" orientation to organisation as opposed to an "urgency" one
  • Analyse their own departmental organisational structure and determine weaknesses that they need to address
  • Develop action plans to address organisational weaknesses within their departments

Topics / content covered during the module

  • Time management vs self-organisation
  • Managing paper flow
  • The move towards self-organisation and management
  • Organising for people and effectiveness
  • Urgency vs importance paradigm
  • Principles and types of organisation structure
  • Developing your importance paradigm
  • Evolving the business structure of your unit


The methodology used in this module includes a self-quiz; interactive presentations; group discussions; group exercises; real-time analysis and application.
Target Audience: People who need leadership training
Module Duration: 1 day, dependent on the level of the group
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