Influencing and Partnering Skills

Workshop Aim

Influencing and partnering skills are the basis for success for any consultant or internal staff professional. These skills allow you to form strong business relationships with your "clients" and enable you to impact positively on their thinking and actions. Your success depends on your ability to influence others effectively. You need to find ways in which you can impact on and change the existing paradigms and behaviours entrenched in your organisation. The partnerships you build are equally critical to the value you can add.

Competency Outputs

This workshop equips you with the practical skills and knowledge to start increasing your influence and strengthen your internal partnerships. At the end of the workshop you will be able to identify:
  • The power bases you operate from for optimal success
  • How you can build long-term, value-added relationships with your "clients"
  • How you build your influence within your organisation

Topics / content covered during the module

  • Develop a plan to enhance your knowledge about the business of your organisation
  • Identify the most appropriate power base from which you should operate
  • Take practical actions to start building your influence
  • Plan an influencing discussion


A combination of interactive presentations, group discussions, practical exercises, drama simulations and skill practices allow the delegate to develop their skills and deal with their personal issues and problems around influencing and partnering.

Target Audience: Employees who need leadership training.
Module Duration: 1 Day
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