Design of Innovative Learning Interventions

Trideco design history:

Trideco has been in existence for over 18 years and in that time has designed and developed all the learning interventions required by our clients. Our core vision when we started out is that we would design interventions specifically targeted at the needs of our clients; we firmly believed that client-centric interventions were the way to go. We achieved this vision, and more, and all of our learning interventions are designed for South Africa by designers who live and breathe the diverse South African cultures.

Our design expertise:

Our design expertise has built up over the years, through practical application and intensive focus. The foundation of this design expertise is built upon:

  • Solid training and experience diverse learning methodologies, including:


  • Extensive research into best practice and trends on a global basis.
  • Consultation with our network of national and international associates.
  • Collaboration with our clients to determine their needs and learning priorities.
  • The active creation of unique, innovative and adult-learning centred learning models.

Our basic design process:

Trideco designers assist you in determining your exact needs and then design learning and development interventions to meet these. Our basic design process consists of the following elements:



We work collaboratively with the client to incorporate design phases critical to the success of their specific learning intervention.

Benefits of the Trideco design service:

The advantages of utilising our design expertise include:

  • Tapping into years of experience in design and development, shortening the research phase of design.
  • Access to our extensive and well-researched data base of learning material, thus ensuring rapid design and development timelines.
  • Incorporating an external and unbiased perspective on your business performance and learning needs.
  • Unique learning interventions designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Innovative learning methodologies.

Trideco approach to purchase and handover:

  • The outright purchase of Trideco designs by our clients entitles them to:
  • A paper master of the delegate materials for the intervention.
  • Facilitator guides and aids.
  • Trainer training.
  • An electronic copy of delegate materials and trainer aids on CD-ROM.
  • Rights to reproduce the delegate materials in whatever quantities over whatever time period they wish.
  • All copyright on models and materials from Trideco’s data-base remain in Trideco’s possession. Models or materials specific to the client become the property of the client.

Targeted clients:

Trideco aims this service at both large and small organisations who wish to invest in interventions tailored for their unique needs.

It is especially cost effective where:

  • The intervention will be used by the client with large volumes of delegates, over extended periods of time.
  • It is imperative that the intervention addresses the specific strategic priorities of the organisation.
  • Alignment of the materials with core values and culture is required.
  • The client’s internal design capacity is over-extended.
  • The focus is on soft skills where researched best practices need to be incorporated.

Contact details:

Anyone interested in the Trideco design service should contact:

  • Jennie Browning
  • Jenni Wellsted
  • Amy de Breyn (Office Manager)

On central office number: 011-484-4455, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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