Process Oeiented Facilitation Skills

Process Orientated Facilitation Skills

A workshop for HR Professionals

HR and training professionals are key to your organisation in ensuring that you get the performance you need from your people. Their entire function should be focused on continuous performance improvement. One of the most effective ways that HR can do this is by skilfully using process facilitation skills, rather that any of the more traditional methodologies.

  • Does HR and Training need to facilitate people to impact the bottom-line results of the organisation?
  • Do you want HR to facilitate the processes that will drive towards your vision?
  • Should HR and HRD be taking a more proactive, facilitate approach to organisational change?
  • Do you want HR and HRD to facilitate for performance not just for learning?
  • Do you want to equip HR with leading edge skills to take them into continuous performance improvement?

If the answer to any of the above questions is YES, then you may want to invest in Trideco's workshop for HR and Training professionals.

The "Facilitation skills for HR" workshop assumes that the delegates already have the traditional HR and training skills and now want to upgrade their skills to the extent where they can facilitate processes and interventions for continuous improvment.

Workshop Content

  • The role of the facilitator - diagnosing the need for facilitation
  • Using facilitation skills effectively
  • Facilitating processes
  • Understanding and facilitating group dynamics
  • Facilitating group progress

Workshop Duration

3 days

Minimum number of delegates - 5
Maximum number of delegates - 10

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