Initiating and Implementing a Mentorship Programme

Initiating and Implementing a Mentorship Programme

More and more of our employees today are thrust into accelerated development programmes, expected to take responsibility for their development process and are having to perform at levels beyond their current ability.

Companies are recognising that the path to becoming a high performance individual can be facilitated by the appropriate support and partnering from a dedicated Mentor. HR practitioners are being asked to initiate and implement Mentorship programmes and processes on a company-wide basis.

Trideco has been researchig Mentorship interventions, implementing processes and training Mentors and Proteges for our clients for many years. We are now offering the HR Practitioners within our client companies the chance to develop their skills in this fast growing focus area.

Competency Outputs

By the end of this workshop, delegates will be able to:
  • Conduct a readiness check for their company in relation to Mentorship
  • Conduct a management buy-in and orientation workshop
  • Create a vision for the Mentorship process and translate that into goals and objectives
  • Develop and implement a communication strategy around Mentorship
  • Develop a strategy for selecting and matching Mentors and Proteges
  • Coordinate a training programme
  • Maintain the momentum of the Mentorship programme


A combination of interactive presentations, group discussions, practical exercises and a focused tool kit, allow the delegate to explore this subject in depth.


3 days
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