Talent Management Engineering Your Future

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In the last year, an increasing number of clients have asked us about Talent Management.

Their motivation is varied, but it always comes down to similar issues:

  • How do I retain my existing Talent?
  • What can I do to attract the right Talent into my business?
  • What can I do to ensure that I develop Talent from within?

The question I usually ask them in return is, “is this a business survival issue for you, or just something motivated by HR?” When organisations are serious about talent management, then we can do something about it.
The reality is that despite the economic crisis hitting most businesses, Talent is a major global issue. Surveys conducted in countries all over the world report:

  • Attracting and retaining talent is a pressing priority. Most industrial countries including India and China are flagging shortages of skilled labour.
  • Acute talent shortages are being experienced in growth markets, specialised skills, and business leadership. High percentages of companies are identifying talent shortages across the organisation.

In South Africa, despite the fact that young people are returning to our country in droves, we are feeling real shortages of skill in most professional arenas, including such specialities as actuarial, accounting, auditing, programme management, business analysts, engineers, medicine, etc.

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