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Leading Edge Technology Applied to Human Resources

Today’s world is a rapidly changing, demanding and competitive arena to work in. The opportunities and pressures for all organisations to perform at their peak are being created every day.
Creativity and potential must be tapped into and every available resource must be used to increase organisational effectiveness.

Key words are: productivity, capacity building, competitive edge, quality, and service excellence. Successful organisations need to provide quality services, demonstrate responsiveness and adaptability to changing client needs and manage internal resources cost-efficiently and effectively.

The same goes for Human Resources Departments worldwide.

Key challenges that HR practitioners and Line jointly face include:

  • Keeping up with the requirements of their changing organisations
  • Attracting qualified and value-adding candidates for employment
  • Retaining key skills within the organisation
  • Ensuring knowledge and skills transfer takes place effectively
  • Maximising learning and its application on the job

Many organisations are now working to transform their HR and HRD functions into Performance Enhancement functions. Managers are demanding that employees going through HR and HRD interventions perform differently and impact on the business objectives when they return. Human Performance Technology is the field that these companies are turning to, to bring about this transformation.

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