Mentorship for Women

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An Underestimated & Overlooked Means to Empower

Women have made enormous strides in the past three decades, have gained credibility and success in the workplace and to a large extent are no longer regarded as second-class citizens, or as inferior to men.  They have managed to do all of this, not only through legislation, but by being vocal about their position in the social and the business context.  This is particularly so in the European Western world where recognition of the evolution of the woman’s role has been far greater than in Africa.

In the case of South African women, the challenges have been similar to those in the rest of the world.  However, additional complexities facing our women include the intricate web of diversity and multiculturalism that defines our society, the relatively new employment laws and the demands that women are making on themselves to change their status and get out of the prescriptive roles assigned to them by a society that is very traditional and often inflexible. 
This progress is more evident in the workplace, both within the Public and Private sector, where women are becoming more visible and are undertaking non-traditional roles and performing just as well as their male counterparts and sometimes even better.