Identifying Talent

Strategic Thinkers

The ability to think strategically is a common leadership trait, which embraces the capacity to weigh up the potential impact, company-wide, of a complex decision.

So, to examine an individual’s ability to think strategically, opt for one of the following simple techniques.
The easiest and most formal is to encourage staff to submit proposals outlining their take on the status of your business – what it will be, and should be in five years’ time. These proposals will provide a clear indication of the way in which they think and how well they understand the relationships between various business units within the organisation.

The second technique is less formal and more time intensive, but it can be far more insightful if managed correctly. It involves interviewing the candidate on a one-to-one basis, presenting him/her with a complex scenario as well as discussing it. An example to ascertain how they understand, measure, and weigh the effects of changes in the organisation, would be to include them in the budgeting process and ask how they would, for instance, realize 10% savings in the next fiscal year.

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