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Who are the Potential Leaders in your Organisation?

Although the benefits of developing leadership potential are widely accepted, many companies struggle to identify the right individuals. Jeff Austin shares insight into spotting and developing talent and offers advice on what on what should be expected from leadership training providers.

Effective leadership development not only minimises the disruptions and loss of continuity associated with the departure of key management and executive personnel, it also helps to retain and motivate staff at all levels, by equipping them with a cleat sense of where they, together with the organisation, are heading..
The concept also promotes an organisation’s sustainability by minimising internal leadership gaps and ensuring that transitions between key personnel proceed trouble free. Ultimately, the internal development of leaders allows for a more unified and consistent company vision and culture to be maintained.
In addition, implementing a leadership development programme needn’t be an expensive exercise. In fact, when compared to the costs associated with employee churn and hiring talent, it makes clear financial sense for organisations to develop leaders internally.
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