Trideco's Real Play Technique

If there is one thing in a work shop that can get an immediate response from a group, it’s the trainer introducing a role play exercise. Unfortunately the response is usually a heartfelt groan or other manifestations of the fight and flight mechanism; “I think I have to attend and urgent meeting.” “ I am experiencing a sudden and blinding migraine” etc. So what is it about this learning technique that carries with it such stigma?

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Mentorship The Key to Successful Development?

The need – a business survival issue: How sound is your skills capital base? 

Many businesses today are suffering from a critical skills shortage.  Those who are not are strategising to ensure that they don’t in the near future.  Purchasing the required skills is becoming more and more difficult.  The key to business success in South Africa today is development.  To this end, strategically thinking companies are embarking upon interventions such as:
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Leading Change

Leadership is about change.  If you need no change, you need no leader.  In times of change, people seek out more and better leaders.  Those successful sought-out leaders embrace the following thought: “The best reformers the world has ever known are those who began with themselves.”

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