Jennie Browning



Jennie Browning's career started off in grass roots training and development when she became a training officer for Chamdor, a large industrial training centre. Here she developed in-depth job analysis skills, was exposed to practical skills development in the industrial arena, liaised with National development boards and client companies, designed industrial and occupational training programmes, and managed a team of instructors. Her focus in this environment was on the development of practical skills that could be applied immediately into the workplace. This hands-on, practical environment gave her an invaluable and very pragmatic view of training and development and the impact it needs to have on behaviour change. She progressed to Head of Training for this centre, developing and implementing progressive strategies to enhance the success of the development programmes, before looking around to expand her experience base.

Jennie moved from Chamdor to head up and establish the training function for a large security company. Together with a team of people that she employed and managed, she was responsible for starting an integrated training function from scratch and ensuring the strategic impact of all training activities on the business. It was here that she created functional strategies, planned and implemented development interventions across a range of training specialist arenas from technical training to leadership skills. Once the training function was established and successful, She progressed within this organisation into a generalist HR management function, heading up the Human Resources division; here she gained holistic experience in the end-to-end human resources management stream. Her passion was to ensure that HR partnered line management and contributed to their business success. Her progressive view on integrated human resource management made a real difference to the talent management goals of the company.

In the late 1980’s, Jennie moved into The Contact Group, a leading training and development consulting firm where she was responsible for the design of new training and development interventions for clients and was responsible for all facets of consulting, design and delivery to meet client-specific needs. She researched, adapted and implemented leading edge adult learning methodologies which enhanced the skills-oriented focus of the development programmes she produced. From this position, she moved into programme management for the consultancy’s largest selling product and then into a position as Head of the Training Division - it was here that she qualified as a Master Trainer in a range of internationally designed development courses. Jennie ended her time at this company as an executive within the change management consulting division and gained valuable experience in consulting, organisational development and transformation and change management at all levels of a corporation.

Over the years, Jennie has developed a wide and varied expertise in the areas of Business Needs analyses, Design and Development of Learning Interventions, Strategic Human Resources Management, Training and Development, Leadership Development, Team Consulting and Development, and Organizational Development Consulting. In order to expand her array of skills, she studied NLP and qualified both as a practitioner and a master practitioner with an internationally accredited company. Aware of the importance of self-insight as a development tool, she qualified as a Myers-Briggs Step II practitioner and has recently been accredited as a DISC profiler and agent. She also studied and applied Arnold Mindell’s techniques and meta skills for process work with Myrna Wajsman one of the founders of POP in South Africa.

Her passion for designing interventions to meet the specific needs of her clients moved her to start up her own company and create her own methodologies for learning and development and in 1991 Jennie, along with two other partners, founded Trideco. Since then, she has worked across a wide variety of industries, from micro enterprises to huge corporations. She has consulted in the public sector as well as the private sector. She is now MD and principal consultant for the company, working with a close team of highly motivated professionals. Most of the Trideco product ranges have been designed and developed by Jennie to transfer researched and benchmarked best practices and meet specific client requirements. She spends considerable time researching and designing new and exciting ways to facilitate learning and inspire growth and co-creates with clients to meet company-specific and targeted needs. She is committed to revolutionising the design of learning interventions at all levels and has incorporated game methodology into many of her processes.

Jennie's current speciality areas include Talent Management, Performance Management, Performance Consulting, skills building for Mentors and Coaches, One-on-One Executive Coaching, Intervention Design and Development and the development of team and leadership practices. In addition, she has focused on developing HR and L & D practitioners to master skills such as facilitation, design, delivery, consulting and HR practice. Her pragmatic approach to skills development has enhanced the business results of many clients over the years.

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